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    Rename Toolbox features such as Hole Wizard

    Bernie Daraz

      Apparently you really can't rename the actual Toolbox feature as shown here in SW 2016 Help:


      Renaming Components in the FeatureManager Design Tree

      You can change component file names directly from the FeatureManager design tree.

      You can update references to the renamed files in unopened documents at the same time.

      Before you begin:

      To enable renaming, click Tools > Options > System Options > FeatureManager > Allow component files to be renamed from FeatureManager tree.


      I dislike the long name of a "CSK for #8 Flat Head Machine Screw (100)1" for example. I would rather have it as CSK #8 FHMS(100)1.


      But anyway I renamed this one as a test and then found that when I changed it to a #6 the name stayed the same as #8. I am under the impression that the actual feature name is not being changed. It did however change to a #6 specification in the model.

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          Dave Bear

          Hi Bernie,

          I was aware that you could indeed rename features within the Feature Tree in as much as change 'Cut Extrude1' to 'Oil Canal' as an example so that you don't end up with a tree full of Cut Extrudes, Boss Extrudes etc that don't really point to anything. But I wasn't aware you could rename Toolbox components as you indicate. This sounds somewhat a little dangerous to me unless of course an office Admin could apply permissions to this......



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              Bernie Daraz

              Dave, Thank you!


              That's why I brought it up. I have renamed features thought it's not a standard practice for  me. I do often rename sketches because I use equations a lot. I also use construction lines a lot too, I think sometimes it's easier than dimensioning everything when it really doesn't matter. You just want things to 'change' in a planned manner.


              I also don't mind seeing a '-' sign in the tree as long as it's to a screw or something round like that, I can understand that I don't care if the rotation is locked and if the slot or philips orientation is what it is.

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              Solid Air


              Of course you can rename a hole wizard feature but, as you found out, if you change the size the feature name does not update.  However, there is a way to fix this.


              Let's say I rename the above hole wizard feature to M10 x1.5 Tapped.


              Now let's say, I edit the feature and change the tap size to M12 x 1.75

              But as you found out the name in the feature manager tree stays M10 x1.5 Tapped

              To get the feature to display the correct size.

              Right click on the feature and select feature properties

              In the Feature Properties dialog, click the Reset button

              After clicking the reset button, note how the Name and Description fields have changed to M12 x 1.75


              However, the Description field is incorrect because it does not include the index number after Hole.

              To get the index number to display.  Highlight the description field, press the delete key then click the OK button.

              The feature has been renamed in the feature manager tree

              As a check, right click on the feature and select feature properties again.

              The name and description property both end with Hole1.



              Now if you were to change the size of the hole again it would update correctly in the feature tree.


              It is possible to shorten up the feature name like you want and have it update correctly when the size changes.  All you need to do is edit the Toolbox/Hole Wizard database file and change the format it uses to create the name.  Much easier said than done unless you understand database files (which I struggle  with).  Plus, as I found out the hard way, make a mistake and you better be working on a copy of the file otherwise....

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                Bjorn Hulman

                I sometimes rename features in parts with a large number of features, though I prefer to group them into named folders. Who has time to change every feature name?

                As for hole wizard features, I find the description is usually descriptive enough. If you do need to rename a hole wizard feature and find yourself doing so with the same holes regularly, you could go into the Toolbox Settings utility and create a new hole with the description you want.

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                    Bernie Daraz


                    Thank you for your comment! I rename regular features and sketches frequently, though this caught me off guard. The intent of my post was a warning to others that it isn't what you might expect and for those that might not have checked.


                    Solid Air came back with an excellent explanation of how to do it correctly but I don't think I'll go this far on this matter. The only reason I wanted to change the name was to shorten the text displayed in my FM. I would rather that the FM widow did not scroll, in my case because I keep it slender. I know I could dock it somewhere else and I do have multiple monitors, It was really something selfish.

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                    John Stoltzfus

                    Bernie Daraz - did you search for calloutformat.txt in your SW program files?  You should be able to change the txt file to whatever you want..

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                      Steve Labonte

                      morning guys i'm on 2017 sp3  when I use hole wizard for say tapped hole then change tapped hole size desc. changes in feature tree