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Change drawing view model macro

Question asked by Greg Pullen on Jun 10, 2017

I do a lot of work where I have a lot of source parts/assemblies/weldments to pull from and not always drawings (making drawings from the beginning and Pack&Go sounds like a good practice, but sometimes it doesn't always the solution). I'm new to macros and wanted to learn with an example one I have in mind:


If I have an assembly of parts, a macro to check the model references against the drawing file name.  If the original reference was to a part, the new reference will be to a part with the file name of the drawing, and if it was to an assembly, it would reference an assembly file with the same name as the drawing. This would replace my current practice of Hitting "Open" finding the renamed copy of a drawing, changing the reference in the dialogue that pops up, opening, saving, and closing ad nauseam.


The idea being I could make one drawing for a bunch of similarly feature tree structured parts and copy-paste the drawing file with new names, run the macro, and have all the drawings be correct.  Or if someone else has an idea for a similar solution to the task of creating a bunch of drawings for very similar parts from an example drawing. I think it would be a good exercise.


Any API functions or places to look for leads on where to do this come to mind? Also any examples of similar macros to look from while making one?


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