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    Can I configure an animation?

    Bill Toft

      I have Visualize Professional 2017 SP3. I am doing an animation of an exploded view of an assembly.

      I would like to have a couple of configurations to show my client. For example, change the explode start-stop times to show different elapsed times. And different camera animations.

      I did the "base" animation, then created a new configuration (with copy option). I adjusted the one of the key frames by dragging it on the time line.

      But when I went back to the base configuration, that change was there too.


      Does that mean Configurations don't apply to animations?

      So I will need to copy this project and modify it?

      Or can I duplicate an animation ribbon? Then suppress/hide the one I don't want in a configuration? (Same idea as configuring features in SolidWorks.)

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          Brian Hillner

          Excellent question, Bill. Definitely shows you are an advanced user of Visualize


          Animations and Configurations in Visualize have no connection with each other. I think the best way to do this is, as you described, to duplicate the animation in the Timeline and then hide/show the desired animations per each configuration. This will give you the results you're looking to achieve.

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              Bill Toft

              How do I "duplicate the animation in the Timeline"? (I tried CTRL-C and CTRL-V on the time line but that didn't work.)

              Oh, I just tried copying the animated camera and I now have a second animation ribbon that is a copy of the original, so that was easy.


              But what about animating parts? It doesn't make logical sense to duplicate a part. Unless I use configurations and suppress the original part?

              Oh, I just tried clicking on a part with an existing animation, and a new animation row was created. But it did not duplicate the original animation ribbon. How do I duplicate a part animation ribbon?