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    transition time in workflow

    Gary Hamm

      We just setup workflows within PDM,

      I am setting all files from our initial state to Approved.

      There are no actions going on in the background.

      a 2mb file takes me about 4-6 minutes to transition......our top level models  are approximately 120mb

      I am afraid to see how long it will take to transition, at my previous company top level assemblies were around 20-30MB and transitioning was seamless.


      Any ideas why so long to just do a transition..??


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          Steve Ostrovsky

          I don't think the file size has anything to do with that since the files aren't going anywhere. You're simply updating the database with their state and all of their references' state. When you do the Change State, is the dialog showing a long list of references? I'm sure there are a few other areas to check.


          One test is to Change State a 2mb part file with no references. If it goes fast, you know it has nothing to do with the file size.

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            Jim Sculley

            Transition time should not be affected by file size.  Changing the state of a file is purely a database operation.  Are you doing this from inside SOLIDWORKS?  If so, try it from Windows Explorer instead.  If it is much quicker, then the EPDM add-in is causing problems.


            If you were already doing this from Windows Explorer, you may have an issue with your database.  Do you have a SQL Server maintenance plan in place?


            See S-042552 and S-055284 and this free e-book on maintenance plans.

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              Tim Webb


              This can be driven by numerous factors:

              • Transition actions (even your small file with 1 config shouldn't take 18 seconds)
                • Custom add-ins in the transition
                • Dispatch actions in the transition
                • The number of data card controls (variables) that are being updated during the transition
              • Database maintenance status
              • Distance to the database server from the current location
              • Network latency, bandwidth, switches, and routers in the local network. One client with a 10mpbs switch on the engineering floor killed their Gigabit line to the building.
              • Whether or not the transition is being performed from Web client, Web2, Explorer, SW PDM Plugin, via VPN, etc.

              These might help troubleshoot.

              Hope this helps,

              Tim CEPA

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                Brad Letourneau

                Hello All,


                I see this slowdown/inconsistency from time to time with transitions.  Checking in/Checking out files seems fine but on the change state it hangs up for a few minutes.  It doesn't happen often, maybe a few times a month and It seems to solve itself without a restart but i'm baffled on what is happening.  Has anyone seen behavior like this before? We are running PDM/SW 2016 SP5 with 50-60 users at a time. At first I was thinking it had something to do with network traffic but now I'm leaning towards server updates causing the issue. We have a nightly maintenance schedule for the database already in place and the transitions taking place on a server right down the hall.  It is hard to troubleshoot because it is usually very good and no big changes have happened in the vault or any settings recently.