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Routing – Warning: rebuild errors

Question asked by Nikita Bezlepkin on Jun 9, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by E. Ware

Hi everyone! I am facing a problem with Routing. My wiring harness is made with From/To operation and everything works almost perfect, but when I open my main assembly, which contains wiring harness, there are some warnings appearing on it. When I move mouse cursor to the harness subassembly the warning says - (Warning: rebuild errors),


When I open the item tree of the Harness I see the warning is at the Routing operation, and when I move cursor there, the following message appears - 

warning: from/to file for this assembly has been updated.  Please use the Re-import From/To command to update any changes.” 1.jpg

My actions:

  1. 1.     Get in the edit mode of Routing Assembly,
  2. 2.     Press Re-import From/To,
  3. 3.     Select the routing assembly in the opened window, the From/To file itself,
  4. 4. Press ОК.
  5. After all this, the problem still remains.


How can I solve this problem?