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Bolt connectors not available in drop test - Please post any problems faced by you during performing a drop test analysis and appropriate solutions

Question asked by Puneeth Manda on Jun 9, 2017

Hello everyone,


There is no connectors tab where we can select the appropriate bolt connectors for my model during drop test. How do I proceed to model them in the drop test? I am new to simulation, especially drop test studies. I have found very less info regarding drop test analysis online so any suggestions on modelling and interpretation of results would be very helpful. Please share any material / models which you have solved if possible / modelling techniques anything which you feel can be helpful for a newbie. I have lots of queries about drop test  in which many are just basic ones so anything which you share can address many of them. I hope this thread will be helpful for all the people out their who are new to drop test study.


All your efforts and time is much appreciated


Thank you