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Camera view: thoughts for coders

Question asked by Neil Larsen on Jan 2, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2009 by Neil Larsen
Mr Sweeney is this your domain?..
..continuing to explore 09sp0 coming from 05 I have got to camera view..yes.

now this is quite a useful tool even without PW..
but here I found an issue - the view wont auto-fit to the 3d window properly-
if you have the taskpane open and pinned the camera view when displayed auto-fits on the right (and when the edge is dragged) but with the FM open and docked the view wont auto-fit on the left (or when the edge is dragged) gets hidden behind it (and this behaviour is true with a left side tiled viewport as well) -bug? or is it designed/neglected this way?

also if the display field of view box is selected wouldnt it be handy to auto crop the image to that size if you 'save as' or screen capture? - just a thought..and on that track how about showing the actual pending capture size in pixels somewhere.. (if the auto-fit worked as I anticipate it should you could have some control over the capture size by dragging the FM, TM or viewport divider to cramp the auto-fit..)

also - couldnt the display pane allow you to toggle on and between any camera views using the hide/show column ?

further - there seems to be weirdness when using F9,F10,F11 to get a full screen view and back from re what bits you expect would come and go and what does - requiring more presses to get it right again...

keep up the good work folks Concord wasnt built in a day - there's always next release..

PS how about an option for a grid overlay (or rulers) for screen captures - A,B,C.. by 1,2,3.. just for reference purposes when making a presentation or such...maybe you could fit a nice wee title in there too at the bottom...if you are not tooo busy ATM

Happy holidays etc

Edit: moved to UI forum instead of general

Bonus offer for good behaviour:
here is a paper of interest re ambient occlusion that might help Realview display quality - specifically reflected colour

Edit2: here's another oddity (well I think so)
re new reference triad functionality: in perspective mode this will not align the views properly even if the F,T, R planes are in the middle of the object..nor even for the non perspective case, necessarily centre the object with each view change..
and it you have selected 'zoom to fit when changing to std views' option for either perspective or not it doesnt do it...hmmm... oh well...