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How to use black box for a PCB / Motion Controller / Component with multiple connectors

Question asked by Matt Shaffer on Jun 8, 2017
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I am basically asking the same question that was asked here. I did not want to only resurrect an old thread.

How to handle Motion Controller with multiple connectors for multiple cables



I am creating Point to Point wiring diagrams. In these diagrams, there are many PCBs, Drives and other components that have connectors. I would like to be able to use the Circuits and Terminals as they were intended when setting up a manufacturers part.


My normal process is:


Create a MFG part with a circuit group for each connector and terminals for each pin. I use the Mark for Pin Number and Mnemonic for the signal name.


I then create a Single Line Symbol for the part and insert it. (Then reference that part to the MFG Part) 


Then I would move on to the multi-line schematics.


For Example:

If I was laying out a power section of an EBox. I would like to have black box symbols showing each of the power connectors of my components in that box. So I would go and add a black box and reference it to the single line drawing  (which was already referenced to the MFG part) Then I would like to be able to select the power circuit and insert those pins on the black box.


This though obviously does not work. When I start inserting pins I can not select which circuit group they come from. SWE assumes I only want the first pin from each circuit group.


If I had the following:

Part A
Circuit PWR
Terminals - 1 -+12V, 2 - GND
Circuit Signal
Terminals - 1-Tx, 2-Rx, 3-Gnd


And I inserted a black box and put down 2 pins (For +12V and GND) SWE would add +12V and TX thinking I want the first terminal of each circuit.


I understand I can go back and re-enter all of my parts in such a way that they only use Circuits. But that feels like a hack. I also would rather not go through and add connectors into all the symbols because that feels also like a hack.


Has anyone found a way around this?


After speaking with tech support they have created an Enhancement Request (ER-1-14105274196) But who knows how long that will take to get in. (If ever)