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    Copying custom property from part or assembly to drawing

    Grega Jerin

      I want to copy custom property "Description" from parts and assemblies to corresponding drawings. I can do it manually in Windows Explorer if I sort by Name and then copy Description from part/assembly to drawing, but it is too much work for a lot of files.

      I've tried #TASK application, becuse it has a task that can copy custom properties from parts or assemblies to drawings, but I have to select drawings to run the task and not parts and assemblies, which is no go, because I can't sort drawings by Description until I have it written.

      Is there any simple option to do this?

      I was wondering about double sort in Windows Explorer. First I would sort by Description to get all my parts and assemblies together and then I would do second sort to get all same names (part and drawing or assemblly and drawing) together. I would then choose all files and drag them to #TASK and then in #TASK I would select filter for drawings only.

      The main reason I want to do this is because I want to sort drawings in Windows Explorer in group sorted by Description, so I have more simple work when I do tasks for exporting. Mind here that in my Explorer folder some files don't have description yet, because I have to finish them first.

      Thanks for help.

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          Grega Jerin

          I have strange wishes maybe. I didn't found a simple answer to my question.


          I will ask differently. When I run a project I have all CAD data (assemblies, parts, drawings) in one folder. I've had up to 4000 files for some projects and I have non significant numbering. That means that I can have parts that go under one subassembly all over the folder. It is hard to select them in explorer as a group of files that go under same subassembly. I need this for batch runs in #TASK, because I usually do that for one subassembly. I've tried with description property, but my Windows Explorer keeps crashing and I think it is because of Description property that has to be loaded for all those files in Windows Explorer.


          Does anybody have a simple solution for this?

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            Bernie Daraz

            There was a post on this recently where someone wanted to read something when the mouse hovered over a file name. I was under the impression that it isn't possible. Custom properties related to SW parts, assemblies and drawing have their own method to sharing information. Have a look into the Custom Property Tab Builder.


            Here is the Windows property page for a file and according to the drop down Description is not available. Perhaps you can use one of the others.