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    How to modify this short sort folder code?

    Marco Wu

      I found the following sortfolder code online. I need to sort folder using vendor name & part no. How to modify the code to do this?













      Function SORTFOLDERS(SWMODEL As SldWorks.ModelDoc2, featfldr As SldWorks.FeatureFolder)



              Dim Features As Variant

              Dim FOLDERFILES As Object

              Dim swassemblydoc As SldWorks.assemblydoc

              Set swassemblydoc = SWMODEL

              Dim TEMPCOMP As SldWorks.Component2


          Set FOLDERFILES = CreateObject("System.Collections.ArrayList")


              Features = featfldr.GetFeatures

                          For j = 0 To featfldr.GetFeatureCount - 1

                              tempstring = (Features(j).Name)

                              FOLDERFILES.Add (tempstring)




                          For i = 0 To FOLDERFILES.Count - 1



      Set TEMPCOMP = swassemblydoc.GetComponentByName(FOLDERFILES(i))



                          If i < FOLDERFILES.Count Then


                              boolstatus = swassemblydoc.ReorderComponents(TEMPCOMP, featfldr, 3)

                          End If





      End Function