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    Incompatible bonding not supported by drop test

    Puneeth Manda

      Hello everyone,


      I am new to solidworks simulation. I am trying to perform drop test analysis on an assembly but while I finally run the analysis it always shows incompatible bonding not supported. But while I meshed the model compatible bonding was checked. Any suggestions please? urgent!!!


      thank you !

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          Siavash Khajehhasani

          You are right, incompatible bonding option does not work with drop test analysis.

          Question is why do you need to use IBC? if you having meshing problem, try using mesh controls to overcome it.

          - Siavash

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              Puneeth Manda

              Hello Siavash

              Thank you for your concern. I wish I could share my cad here but I am afraid I am not allowed to do that as the content is confidential. But let me take you through the steps I followed:

              1. I checked for interference in the model and found there are no intereferences other than few coincidences.

              2. I applied a bonded component contact between 2 parts of my assembly as it is a metal insert in a plastic(compatible mesh option was checked while doing this)

              3. I defined contact sets between other faces in the assembly as no penetration and bonded where ever applicable.

              4. As the minimum radius of curvature calculated by me in whole assembly was 0.34mm, I decided to apply a curvature based mesh with minimum element size as 0.17mm, maximum as 10mm and meshed the model which was successful.

              5. Now when I finally define the setup and run the model the error message which I previously posted pops up.


              Can you please point out where I could have possibly gone wrong in my modelling and also I would be very happy if you can suggest me a better modelling approach.


              Thanks for your valuable time and effort