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Spell Check causes template problem...

Question asked by Eric Brown on Dec 31, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2012 by Alex Lotscher
Good afternoon folks,

We use SW 2008 SP5.0 and MS Office 2003. I use Word as my email editor for sending email (from within Outlook). As for almost everyone in this situation, the template is what is used to create new Word documents (and to compose emails). This is normally a transparent thing though.

For some time (going back to at least the previous SP for SW), I've noticed that when I do a Spell Check on my .SLDDRW drawings I get an error message generated by Word that is shown in tha attached image file. The Spell Check proceeds just fine in SW, and I can even add words as needed to the .dic dictionary file that SW uses to supplement the "normal" dictionary. The problem appears when I complete the Spell Check, I notice that the error dialog pops up from Word. I need to choose to cancel saving the template changes several times (in responsed to a warning that "...changes to the global template have been made...").

This problem only happens if I am running Word or Outlook. It happens even if I am only running SW and Outlook, and then even when I am not composing an email at all! I can exit Outlook (and any instnaces of Word) to do my spell checking, but I think that should be considered a sloppy and unacceptable workaround, email and documents are a standard part of modern engineering and who doesn't need to spin three plates at once from time-to-time?

Has anybody else seen this? Why should SW be doing anything to modify the template (or make Windows think it is)? I can imagine why SW opens a 'hidden' session of Word to use to examine the text in a drawing for spelling errors, but what's up with the template?

I'll appreciate any advice available! Thanks and enjoy New Years Day! :-)