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How to create an assembly extrusion - for use in smart tab & slot

Question asked by Jim Steinmeyer on Jun 8, 2017

I have decided it is time to up my game. We are doing Tab & Slot locating for our weldments more all the time and I thought this would be a simple start for learning to create and use Smart Features ( or Library Features if you prefer). My goal is to be able to select a location for the Tab & Slot while in an assembly and then place them having them propagate to both parts. Having watched the videos on creating library features I am confident I can create extruded cuts to place in the assemblies and propagate them to the desired part. What I am not finding is how to create the extruded tab on the other part while in the assembly. Or can I create that in the individual part and pull it into the Smart Feature? While this may be easier in sheetmetal, not everyone is likely to create flat plates as sheetmetal or there could be blocks of thicker material as well so I would assume that it would be best to use simple extrusions.


On a side note, as a generic assembly needs to be created when creating the feature, is it a good idea to create a subfolder in the Library Features folder to place all of the generic parts and assemblies in? My thought is to create an assembly with virtual parts and then store it in this subfolder so it is easier to locate should something need to be edited later on.


Thank you