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Question asked by John Morines on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by Todd Bush

Would like to be able to have the hole wizard default back to the last screw type/and or tap size used rather then defaulting to the top of the list. This is very frustrating and TIME consuming having to constantly scroll through the definition every time you switch back and forth. I swear from version 2015 on down it never had this problem.

ie. Select counter bore hole Select Socket Head Cap Screw/ size 3/8/plant a few holes, then switch to tap hole (it defaults to #00) select a #10 tap a few holes, then switch back to a counter bore hole (defaults back to Binder post screw). You can do this all day and it goes right back to the defaults. Which by the way who there right mind uses a #0 tap and a Binder post screw on Molds/Dies or Automated equipment.