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save bodies - Incorrect Results

Question asked by Nigel Ball on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2017 by Nigel Ball


Why are things different when the Save Bodies command is used? I have noticed this quite often. Here is an example. Its folded panel and I have added a few flanges and closed the corners. In the Base model, it looks like this with the correct gap:


After I use the Save Bodies command to make a new part, it looks like this



I have also noticed that SW seems to do its own thing regarding corners. This is a native SW flange & corner:


and this is the same corner of the derived part after I have used the Save Bodies command



Not only is this giving me headache to try and find a way of fixing it, it is also making it look like I am doing bad modelling when I am not. This particular part wont even convert to Sheet Metal!



Is there a way to prevent this behaviour?


SW is a lot of money. It does really frustrate me when little things like this happen quite often. I have a relatively large list of bug bearers that really annoy me......


Any ideas on a fix?