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    Matt la Croix



      I am looking to take the CPPA certification exam this week, can anyone out there shed some light on what to expect?


      I have taken the sample exam, it did not find it was much help.



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          Steve Ostrovsky

          Are you a PDM Admin who has spent time in the Vault Administration tool? Do you know how to work with Workflow states/transitions, Data Card design and variables, User/Group Permissions, Search Cards and Columns, Template Cards and setup. I don't remember all of the details but those are pretty standard operations for a PDM Admin and what you can expect on the exam.


          This is from the certification page (Certified PDM Professional Administrator | SOLIDWORKS ):


          SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional tools that may be covered in the exam include:

          • Vault creation and configuration
          • Basic Vaulting operations (Add Users, Change Permissions, Check I/O, etc.)
          • Modifications to Data Cards and Variables
          • Workflow Manipulation
          • Troubleshooting (this may include inadvertent mistakes like typos)
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            Robert Pickeral

            I took it and bombed. I didn't understand HOW the online testing was handled. I found out later that I submitted a 25 point question without knowing I did. I think there's an online sample exam you can take - hopefully it explains just how you take the test. Knowing the answers is one thing, but if you don't know how the testing software works, you can goof - just like I did! Anyone know where to take the sample exam?