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My custom property links ($PRP...) are getting evaluated and breaking the link, any way around this?

Question asked by Tim Sprang on Jun 7, 2017



Let me explain the situation: I'm setting up a PDM Standard system for the first time, and it was going really well until I tried the following:

I am assigning part numbers (Variable name "Number") with the custom property links. These variables are configuration specific, and would be, for example:

"Test-project-1-05_01" For major design version 1 of project Test project, part number 05 and config _01

Where _01 is the configuration name. A different configuration gets a different number, and the part(@) gets _xx.

This is working for the default configuration. I then save the file with the 1 configuration, fill out the missing data in the data card, and proceed to create a second configuration. The following should then be evaluated:

$PRP:"Project number"-$PRP:"MajorDesignVersion"-$PRP:"Document number"$PRP:"SW-Configuration Name"

But some of this data has already been resolved and the links broken. When I create the second configuration, the custom properties shows this:

"Test-project-1-$PRP:"Document number"_01

So all of my data has been resolved except for the document number, and so the new configuration will get the same part number as the first configuration.


I know that manually adjusting this would not be a big hassle, but I would still like to try this.