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    How to setup the new package PDM standard 2017 ?

    Mohebllah Fazli


      Now i am using the work-group PDM 2016, but i wanna change all my drafts to PDM standard 2017 and i do not have yet that package ,

      so i just wanna know about the setup of PDM standard 2017 .

      is here someone who can advice me ?

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          William Radigan

          Hi Mohebllah,


          The second or third time you do it, it's not too terrible. But the first time through there is a _ton_ of learning to do.  I'd recommend talking to your VAR, or better yet hire a consultant like Tom Cote at ACS [Home - Applied CAD Solutions LLCApplied CAD Solutions ] who has done it day in and day out for a while.  It costs a little bit up front but I think it's worthwhile.  Also, for what it's worth, I found that working with Tom was a much better value (total cost vs. work performed) than my VAR was able to offer.  I'm not hating on VAR's here (I love my MCAD people!), and Tom didn't pay me to say this.  He just did really good work and gave me a really good deal.