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    Shane Sparks

      How do I associate a template .drwdot with newly created drawings?

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          Hi Shane,


          Kindly refer the link for better understanding


          Sheet Format vs. Templates in SOLIDWORKS




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            Glenn Schroeder

            See the second part of #26 at FAQ - Part 2  If this isn't what you meant then see my response below.

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              John Stoltzfus

              When you go File/New - it opens the assembly (.asmdot), part (.prtdot) or drawing template (drwdot)


              Drawings are the only one that has format (.slddrt) extension


              You can have multiple drawing templates or just one template and the same is with the drawing formats.  Say you open a new drawing (template) and then you want to add other sheets to make it a multiple page drawing, you will be adding sheet formats, not templates..

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                Glenn Schroeder

                I just re-read your original question, and maybe I misunderstood and gave you the wrong advice.  I thought you wanted to link a new drawing format to an existing drawing, but maybe not.  To use a new drawing template when creating a new drawing you need a couple of things.  First, make sure that you're pointing to the location where the template is saved at Tools > Options > System Options > File Locations > Document Templates.  (As an aside, I'd recommend saving these somewhere other than the SolidWorks installation folder so you won't lose them when you update to a new version.)   Now, when you've done that, your template should be available to select when you start a new document.  If it isn't, then look at the lower left corner of the New Document dialog box.  If there's a button there that says "Advanced" you'll only see the default templates.  Click on that button to take you to another dialog box where your template should be available.