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Setting furnace conditions in Flow simualtion

Question asked by Sai Pottavathri on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by Bill McEachern

My project goal to:


Model the furnace (42inch X 42inch X 36 inch deep) and maintain temperature conditions inside the furnace which is based on a time temp cure fallowing UL 2079 (1830F is the max at 2 hours.

The topside of the furnace is sealed with two concrete blocks leaving an 18-inch gap, this gap is fitted with a U shape ceramic mat system

Furnace gets pretty hot within 5 minutes it reaches 1400 F and I think its radiation dominated condition.


For now, I would like to go with 2d - Model attached


1) How do I need to define my heat source inside furnace (Convection and Radiation using Time temp curve), The main design intent is to validate the ceramic fire barrier set between the concrete gap.

Tried Volume source by filling the furnace cavity with volume and assigning Time temp curve to it, but I think I am missing radiation source here - Failed

Result temps are very high on the cold surface- Failed

None of my cases matched with test results.

All the data I have is the temperature inside the furnace based on Time.

Am I missing something? I would highly appreciate your help. Thank you