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Distinct flat patterns for separate base flanges (bug?)

Question asked by Milan Kidd on Jun 6, 2017

Attached is a simple version of a part that's been failing to make a flat pattern, done in SW2017.  To be brief:

  1. Sketch a flat base flange
  2. Sketched a bend line and bend (see step2 attached)
  3. Add a swept base flange along one edge, sketch profile has a R0.5" bend (see step3)

This second base flange doesn't "merge" with the first body (see view1), and a distinct flat pattern is made (also visible in view1 Feature Manager tree).  When I try to enable the flat pattern, one displays and the other section disappears (flat1).  Or if I select a face of the second part and then enable the flat pattern, its pattern displays correctly and the other section disappears (flat2).


The solution appears to be using an edge flange with the R.5" specified instead of the second base flange.  But I'd think that either method should work.  Thoughts?


Many thanks,