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Top 10 Most Accessed KB Solutions in May 2017

Question asked by Steve Holland Employee on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2017 by David Nelson

Are you curious about which KB solutions users access most often in a given month? Here is the list for May. Moving forward, I will refresh the list in monthly updates.

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RankSolution IdQuestion
1S-072800When using NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics cards with the SOLIDWORKS® software, what can cause extremely slow performance?
2S-072608What can cause the SOLIDWORKS® 2017 software to take a long time to start as compared to the SOLIDWORKS 2016 version?
3S-069274Is there a tool for SOLIDWORKS® Enterprise PDM that can help verify connectivity between a client and server or between replicated servers to ensure the server and service ports are accessible?
4S-069491When launching SOLIDWORKS® or opening a file, why does SOLIDWORKS return "Could not load SOLIDWORKS DLL: GdtAnalysisSupport.dll"?
5S-048683Why does the SOLIDWORKS® Resource Monitor display "system resources are running low" on 64-bit Windows 7 machines?
6S-068529In SOLIDWORKS® Electrical, how do I resolve the error message "Error 27502.  Could not connect to Microsoft® SQL Server"?
7S-072597In the SOLIDWORKS® software, when I perform various actions such as edit features, change view orientations, edit parts-in-context, or use the View Selector, why does the display or graphics area flicker or flash?
8S-017826How can you restore a copy of a SOLIDWORKS® Enterprise PDM file vault to a separate system from a SQL database backup (.bak) in order to test upgrades or troubleshoot vault specific problems?
9S-072431When using the SOLIDWORKS® PDM 2017 software on a high latency WAN client computer, what causes login to fail with the errors ‘Failed to obtain license’ and ‘License server is down or not responding’?
10S-072437When I use the SOLIDWORKS® 2017 software on a workstation that has a slow network connection to the SolidNetWork License (SNL) server, what causes the error ‘Could not obtain a license for SOLIDWORKS’?