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    how to restraint

    Devi Prasad Samal
      Hi all,

      I have a simple question. I want to apply a force on a plastic chair. but i cant find a way to restrain its legs. because these legs are not fixed. and also they are not hinged or anything.

      if i am going to give them refference with geometry it did not work.

      i dont find any way how to restrain it so that when i apply a force at the top of the table. it produces a real effect such as the table legs stretced from their position to out ward position.

      hope you can understand my question...........

      please help me............
        • how to restraint
          Deepak Gupta
          Just a thought. You can put fixed support to the bottom face of the legs.

          Can you post a picture or model of the chair you working on.
          • how to restraint
            You can apply a restraint normal to the end of the leg to simulate the floor supporting the chair. This would allow the legs to slide on the floor under loading. You will need to turn on soft springs to prevent the entire chair from sliding on the floor (rigid body motion). Other option would be to create an axis through the center or the chair. and use it for restraining the legs. You could then restrain the legs axial and circumferential but would be free to move radial.