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EPDM client installation v2017 using Customer's license?

Question asked by Markku Sutinen on Jun 5, 2017
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Could someone please help me with this situation:

  • I've installed SWX 2017 sp2 since my Customer upgraded their installation.
  • I'd like to login to my Customer's system through a VPN and install an (e)pdm client and start working using their floating epdm license
  • my issue #1 is that I don't know other Serial numbers but my own SWX Professional, which does not include PDM Pro license.
  • my issue #2 is that my installation image  does not include /refuses to show me a separate epdm client nor I can found one on Downloads page, as it was with version 2015.

So: how to proceed with my installation and do I need to ask my customer to sent me their license key?