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    Custom property tab hang

    Mike Pogue

      The custom property tab hangs for about 5 seconds when it opens, or if you mistakenly leave it open, on a large variety of actions in SW. It has always had problems, but it seems to have gotten worse recently. I can't really understand it. Even if the thing has to go to the disk and pull up the entire template and all files every time for every action, it' impossible that this could take 5 seconds. It's hard to believe that it could take more than 100 ms or so. The property tab is a neat feature, but this makes it nearly unusable.

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          John Stoltzfus

          Do you have a lot of linked file locations within Tab Builder? 


          It loads quickly here..

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            Dan Pihlaja

            Are you talking this:


            Or this?:

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              Charlie Minor

              Not sure if this is a related problem, but I'm experiencing the following:

              1) If I apply custom properties to an assembly via the fly-out tab on the right and then select faces on two parts within that assembly then Solidworks hangs for a few seconds before it will let me rotate or select any other parts.  It doesn't seem to matter whether I've applied custom properties to any of the parts.  This only seems to apply to faces; points and vertices don't cause the hang.

              2) If I apply custom properties to a part and then select it in an assembly then Solidworks hangs.  The problem isn't present if I just have the part open.  Also, it only seems to happen the first time I click a part.  So if I click part A it will hang only the first time.  Subsequent clicks to A don't get the hang, but if I then select B then it will hang again.


              I'm using Solidworks 2017, SP3.0.  The spreadsheet that I'm using for the drop-down lookups is on another networked computer (although moving the templates and spreadsheet to my desktop didn't help).  None of the ranges used for the drop-downs are particularly large (around 1:30 or so).  Is it possible that it's the sum total of all the ranges for the drop-downs that's causing problems?


              I was really excited about using Custom Properties instead of typing everything out, but I can't handle the 5 second pause every time I click something.

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                  Mike Pogue

                  So, interesting note, the problem has partially come back for me in 2015, but seems to still be solved in 2017. The hang in assemblies, I'm familiar with, it pulls up the property tabs for whatever you have selected, but I believe SW only says you have the part selected if you pick a face.


                  Editing this after re-reading your post--I think the problem is related to the spreadsheet. I'm going to go to text files. If that doesn't work, the to the built-in xml. BTW, the fact that you only get it on the first click is surely because the programmers have cached the information.