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Separate program with HASP dongle license takes 60 seconds to load after PDM Standard install

Question asked by Ryan Doving on Jun 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by LIN SHAODUN

I use laser programming software (Bysoft) that requires a HASP dongle for software licensing. It has worked well for 8 years. I just installed PDM Standard on our server and set up a vault view on my computer, and now the laser software takes exactly 60 seconds to open. I can see the .exe process immediately in Task Manager, but it takes 60 seconds to display a window.


The laser programming software uses a .mdb database to store all of its data. I thought it may be a port conflict with SQL Server Express, so I changed PDM to use port 1440 instead of the default 1433. Unfortunately, the problem still exists. It doesn't matter if the .mdb database lives locally or on the server, the issue is the same.


I don't have the problem when I first turn on or reboot my computer. It only seems to happen after I have opened Solidworks or PDM, even if I immediately close Solidworks and exit PDM.. Once I have done that. the timeout problem exists until I reboot again.


Has anyone run into a similar issue before?