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The 8th Weekly Power-User Challenge (June 9th, 2017): Reverse Engineering (Surfacing and Direct Editing)

Question asked by Alin Vargatu on Jun 4, 2017
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Update: Full article describing this challenge can be read here:


Hello SOLIDWORKS Power-Users and welcome to the 8th WPUC!


For eternal glory and 1000 points, provide the best solution to this problem:


1. Download the attached file Eyeglasses-start.x_t

2. Import it in SOLIDWORKS

3. Solve any topological problems

4. Remove all the holes as per these pictures. Do not use sketches or curves!







5. The goal is to get as close as possible to the initial body geometry and topology, before the holes were added. Note that Surface Fill will not get you to the initial topology, since it will change the number of faces and edges.



Please watch this video for more details:


SOLIDWORKS 8th Weekly Power User Challenge (June 2nd, 2017): Reverse Engineer an Imported Model - YouTube





1. Win 1000 points for being the first to provide an acceptable solution


2. Win 1000 points by being the first to provide an acceptable solution with the minimum number of features in the tree


3. Win 2000 points and be proclaimed a SOLIDWORKS DEMIGOD by providing an out-of-this-world solution.


Your award will increase by 50% if you attach descriptive comments to all features in the tree. Tell your story, make your checker's life easier and share your knowledge with the Community.


Disclaimer: I would use my judgment to pick "the best" solution. It will be probably subjective, so you should provide as many details as possible about the advantages of your solution.


We will accept entries until Friday, June 9th 2017, at noon.