John Kreutzberger

Old HP designJet 700c on Vista-64

Discussion created by John Kreutzberger on Dec 30, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2008 by Tom Nicholson
I downloaded drivers from Winline for my new VistaBusiness-64 machine. Installation was a snap after I went out and got a parallel/usb adaptor. They work fine for plotting out of SW 2009-64, sp1. For now anything I plot is un-usable due to the watermark that Winline puts in the middle of everything until I buy the license.

At $199 the license does not seem that unreasonable until you get to the fine print that says if you plan on sharing the plotter over your network, you will need a license for each machine that uses the plotter. When compared to the price of a new plotter, perhaps even that is not too bad, but I am just wondering if there are any other alternatives.