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    SWEPDM Login Hook

    Calvin Nelson
      Is there a way to get an add-in to run whenever a user logs in to the vault? Possible uses: to get the latest SW templates which are stored in the vault, instead of relying on the end-users to always Get Latest on the Templates folder. These users need to be able to access various versions, so setting the "Always work with Latest version" option is not an option. Would be nice if that could be a per-folder setting.

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          Jeff Sweeney
          That is a crazy good idea!

          Though alas, I just checked the list EdmCmdType and I don't see anything that would help.

          What if you wrote a little stand alone exe, that would fire when the user logs into the machine? I can think of a downside that since there is still no way to logout programatically, you might have a license issue since everyone would take a license first thing in the morning....but aside from that -it seem pretty simple and a great solution to that template issue?
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            Christina Seay
            You might could even create a program that would log them in and get the lastest version of the templates and then open the vault for them. So when they needed to use the vault, instead of logging in with the PDM shortcut, they login with your program that essentially does the same thing.

            Or possibly you could listen for another event, such as creating a file or folder or checking out a file and use that to grab the templates. That would really depend on what files you wanted to grab the newest versions of and how your users typically go about creating new drawings though. If they were going into PDM and creating the file and then opening it, then you should be able to listen for that create new file or checkout event I think. If they started of in SolidWorks and did the whole model there and then "save as" into the vault that method wouldn't work very well.
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              Christina Seay
              I've seen these solution numbers mentioned quite a few times in various threads... and I think I'm just completely missing something here.. but where are finding those?
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                This is very cool!! I have been looking for something similar to this for a long time.

                I tried and it works perfectly like this:

                On each client computer:
                - Make a folder: C:\Program Files\CacheRefresh and copy the .exe file CacheRefresh.exe to it
                - Open Control Panel --> Scheduled Task to make a new Scheduled Task to run: "C:\Program Files\CacheRefresh\CacheRefresh.exe" "Vault_Name" "C:\Vault_Name\Folder_Name".
                You can setup so that this task is run every day/week/month at a certain time or when a user log on etc.

                Then the automatic get latest version will be applied on certain folders (that you decide) at the scheduled time.