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Salvage PDM Data into new Vault on new HDD

Question asked by Chris Roots on Jun 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by Jim Sculley

I had an unfortunate situation last week, in that I had to replace the HDD in the PDM server machine. New HDD and new OS (Windows 10) were installed. It was a catastrophic no OS load situation, so I did not get a change to do anything with the vault. I then hesitantly put the old HDD, with the vault, back into the computer as a data drive. The drive letter changed from C to E on the old drive, as the new drive took C. I was happy to find that the data is viewable on the old drive. The "Blueberry" even shows up on the drive, but cannot be opened because "No database is connected to this view". So, what I have tried so far is to create a new vault on the new drive, and copy/paste the archive server data from the old vault into the new one. I am learning the hard way that that is not enough, as the database server info is needed for file structure and all other metadata. Anybody have any insight into how I can either copy the needed data from the old drive to the new vault, or reactivate the old vault so I can copy/paste straight through the PDM/Windows Explorer interface? I have also tried creating a new "Temp" vault and using the archive administrator tool to point the "Temp" vault at the old HDD's archive data, to no avail. I'm guessing this didn't work because the new vault is not looking at the old vaults database server. Is the database server info in a physical location like the archive server, so that I can manually move it to the new vault?


I do have a backup of most of the data, but there is some things that were not backed up that would be really nice to have. I am also convinced there must be a way to get it all back being that I can see the files (~25gb) in the old vault folder, but they are in the 0-9 A-F folders without the original file names, and thus are almost worthless in the current state.


Thanks in advance for any help!