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Option for "Shared files" in PDM Standard?

Question asked by Ed Sander on Jun 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by Ed Sander

Hello all,  we've recently upgraded our PDM system from the workgroup to standard....not really upgraded, but forced to change.  Anyway, I know with PDM Pro there is an option for "shared files". Since PDM Standard does not have this option, I was wondering how people are handling their shared files?  For instance, we use an empty model as our "Glue" so it will show up on the drawing BOM.  In Workgroup, only 1 glue file existed and anywhere it appeared was simply an image linking back to the original file.  However, with the Standard PDM I'm finding multiple glue files being created and stored in different folders with different numbers of versions, etc .  I know there is an option to prevent duplicate file names, and that would work moving forward (for the glue anyway).  Is there any sort of workaround/settings to achieve the "shared files" option that Pro offers and used to exist in Workgroup?.....aside from upgrading to Pro. 


I've been unofficially dubbed the admin for our engineering group, but really have just as much experience with it as anyone else here (not much) so any guidance is much appreciated.