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Import coordinate system to populate assembly

Question asked by Yoni Kaplan on Jun 4, 2017

So I posted previously on the same problem but have not made much progress. I am getting the sense that what I am looking for is not possible with a built-in SW feature and will likely need digging into the API. I apologize if this comes off as vague, I am not familiar with terminology around coordinate systems and macros.


In a nutshell, what I want to achieve is the following: I want to be able to automate the build of an assembly with as few input parameters as possible. I am placing a camera unit into an assembly so I need to define XYZ coordinates and orientation/rotation data without the need for manual moving/rotating. Assume the camera unit is a static part. Shape, dimensions will not change.


Starting with a part file of the camera unit, how can I place multiple instances of it in 3D space from a file generated in program other than SW? I am the only SW user on my team and I need to be able to take input data from others and build/validate configurations fairly quickly.


What am I missing? Any help is appreciated