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SW Sets a New Cryptographic Standard With 2009 SP1 Help File

Question asked by Rio Benson on Dec 30, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2008 by 1-70W0UV
Congratulations SW; you've surpassed yourself with this one! You've set a new standard in cryptology!

I've been working with engineering drawings for over 45 years; started using CAD in 1983; have been using SW since 1998; have extensive experience with configurations - mostly in defense work where the process was invented; and for the life of me cannot figure out what the h--- you are trying to do, or even what you are talking about, in your help file for the Property Tab Builder.

Perhaps you could explain it to me in layman's terms? Then, I could tell you the proper nomenclature, and together we might be able to come up with a help file that people like myself, who have been in this business for a really long time, could understand. We might even be able to put together some examples that would really help everyone - once we learn how to communicate with each other.

Whadoyahsay? Want to give it a try?