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    How can I include a cut list into a BOM or visa versa?

    Otis Clapp

      I have been working with a lot of weldments lately and when it comes to detailing them I am getting annoyed with their tables and would like to make a custom table to make it not suck.  Problem is I can't figure out what to do. 

      What I want to do is this.  I want to have the cut list itemized in the BOM and not the weldment part.  I can make a BOM with an included cut list without item numbers (the part gets an item number, but all the cut list items are not itemized), or I can create an itemized cut list (like this one), but without the part header.  I want to do this so I can throw on balloons to identify individual cut items while still identifying the overall part.


      Is there any way to do what I want?

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          Andreas Rhomberg

          select indented and detailed cut list as shown.



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            Kyle Craig

            Hi Otis,

            Further to this,


            Maybe if you want to display more info than what the default cutlist gives you, it is possible to assign any property you want to your cutlist properties and add it as a column to your indented BOM.


            Right click the weldment symbol in your tree and choose "properties"


            then you can add a property to all cutlist items simultaneously, such as Part Number or Weight.   But literally anything you want!  Then click OK.


            Now when you look in the cut list properties we have a new WEIGHT property for each item, and i've made it display the mass calculated by solidworks.  Alternatively you could manually type in information if it couldn't be generated as a special Solidworks property.


            I can then simply add this as a column to the indented BOM in the drawing,

            to add a new column, right click a column and choose insert > column right / left


            you are then prompted for a property to populate that column with.  It could be a custom part property that applies to your entire part file.  Or we can choose Cut List Property,


            then from the second drop down you can choose your new property,


            don't forget you can save table templates so you don't have to keep adding and removing columns every time.

            simply right click the table and choose save as, then save it wherever you want, generally best saving in the filepath all your other table templates are stored.