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Is there a way to set a default stub length to automatically routed wires/cables?

Question asked by Greg Bosma on Jun 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2017 by Steven Dod

I'm using Solidworks Electrical 3D to automatically route some hydraulic hoses between connection points, which have been placed inside hose end fittings. In the real world, these fittings are crimped onto the hose, keeping it straight through the length of the fitting.


When automatically routing hoses, Solidworks generates a spline for each and adds a short straight line to the end of every spline. These straight lines are too short, and cause the hose to be off-center from the fitting (see picture below). I can manually add length to each stub by editing the 3D sketch, but is there any way to set a default stub length so I don't have to keep re-dimensioning every hose?