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FeatureWorks crashes everytime

Question asked by JW Putnal on Jun 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by Steve Calvert

I'm a manufacturing engineering student and just received my CSWA cert through the school. I landed a job with a company locally and all they use is Solidworks 2014.I was never really exposed to importing parts often in class but I need to do it frequently with work. I'm having an issue with any step file I import from our vendors will crash during feature recognition. It will pass import diagnostics without issue. Feature works will prompt and I click yes, then it will begin working and approximately 20-30 seconds later I get "Solidworks 2014 has encountered a problem and needs to close". I've included a screenshot of the message when I was testing with a simple piece of angle iron. Also when the FeatureWorks toolbar pops up on the left I get the same message if I click anywhere but the green check mark.


So any ideas what could help get me through this?


I appreciate any help ya'll can give me,