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Create a true dumb solid with no references from imported model

Question asked by Chris Berry on Jun 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2017 by J. Mather

Does any one know if there's a way of creating a true single file dumb solid without retaining all the additional references using SW?


I've imported a Parasolid camera body into SW2016 & it contains 622 Solid Bodies & 181 Surface Bodies - that's a lot of referenced bodies!!

Even if I re-export the part out (Parasolid or STEP) & re-import it back in the referenced bodies are still retained. I've even tried inserting the camera body part into another blank part, breaking the link, exporting the part again (as a Parasolid) & opening it & the referenced bodies are still listed.


In Autodesk Inventor you can simply use Shrink wrap or use Derived Component, breaking the link & you are left with a true dumb solid. All original references that were used to create the file are removed as they are no longer necessary. Plus the file size is drastically reduced.



I am missing something or is it impossible to get SW to remove the part references & make a true dumb solid?