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Multiple Swivels Controlled by One Part

Question asked by Derek Parks on Jun 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2017 by Derek Parks

I am going to try and explain what I am trying to achieve as well as possible since I am unable to attach the files. I have a series of assemblies that have a pipe with one swivel end and one fixed end. When I make an assembly using these about 5 of these assemblies and make them flexible they rotate fine when selected separately. What I need them to do is all rotate when I select the last pipe assembly in the set. I need full 360 rotation so finding a mate is challenging. It moves just like I would want it to if I select Rotate Component and select the end part but it would be nice to get it to move the same way just by grabbing it. I am going to assume this is possible using some mate function I am just not familiar with. If anyone had any ideas I would greatly appreciate it.