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    Part dimensions changing when saving

    Don Smith

      Hi .

           I have drawn 8 plates  each 200 mm x200 mm with a thickness of 3 mm

      They have various shaped holes cut in them

      If I save them as SW part files its fine but if I save them as DWG files

      to use on my laser cutter

      2 of them stayed as 200 mm x 200 mm as they should but the other 6

      changed to 171.689 mm x 171.689 mm .

      Everything is still in the files but its as if they decided to scale themselves down

      Why would it do this

      why to only some of the files

      why does it make all the changed ones the same size



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          Bjorn Hulman

          Hi Don,

          How are you saving the DXFs? from frawing or part?

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            John Stoltzfus

            What version are you using?  Did you check the save options and make sure it's saving 1:1?  Are there more than one drawing view on the drawing page, if you have multiple parts in the drawing are they the same scale factor? 

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              Bernie Daraz

              What is your actual workflow to save them as DWG?


              Right now I'm assuming that you're creating a SW drawing and saving that as a DWG. If that's the case it's quite possible you are saving a scaled view from the SW drawing sheet. To me, the only way to create a proper file for laser is to right click the surface of the part and select Export to DXF/DWG from the pop up menu. Assuming again your laser programming system does not offer SW file import. I prefer DXF but it's just my preference.

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                Dave Bear

                Hi Don,

                Firstly, welcome to the forum.

                I could be clutching at straws here and way off base, but the first thing that jumped through my novice brain was whether or not the part files were/are fully defined to start with. I don't even know if this will have any scaling affect when saving to DWG files but was just thinking along the lines of basics.



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                  Dean C. Hall

                  Like Bjorn asked, Are you saving them as .DXF's or .DWG's? Saving the actual part as a DXF will keep the part itself true to its size (1:1 scale).  If you are saving the SW Drawing as a .DWG, when opening the software the laser uses that reads .DWG files then the drawings/parts may change to the drawing scale you have set for that sheet from SW. I had this issue when sending a saved SW Drawing to DWG. (I was told they needed a DWG and not DXF) to a vendor. I got scaled down versions of the parts I drew, even though the drawings had the correct dimensions on them, the vendor just loaded the DWG file (which wasn't 1:1) and ran them.

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                      Don Smith

                      I am saving DWGs though the laser will also accept DXF


                      When I said they change size its not just in the laser

                      If I try to open the same DWG in SW it also reports its smaller


                      but as I said , it only does it with files that I have edited and re saved under a new name

                      new files from a clean metric template work fine in both SW part format and DWG


                      I will try Bjorns suggestion of clicking the part and exporting as DXF

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                      Don Smith

                      Hi  and thanks to you all for your suggestions


                      I still dont know why its happening  but I do now now when its happening

                      and  why its not happening all the time


                      The top plate ( plate 1 ) I drew from a new metric part template starting with a blank sheet

                      I did the same with the bottom plate ( plate 8 )

                      but plate 2  I made by opening  part 1 and altering it to suit and then saving it as plate 2

                      plate 3 I made by altering  plate 2 and saving with its new name  etc etc


                      It seems if I start with a new metric part page and draw the plate then save it as a SW part and also as a DWG

                      both come out the correct size

                      but if I start with an already made SW part and alter it , when I save it as a SW file it  still comes out the right size

                      but saving it as a DWG it comes out 171.689 mm instead of 200 mm


                      I am using SW 2016

                      I save DWGs by making the SW part normal to the screen ( so the face is flat to the screen)

                      and saving as DWG

                      I save all the files the same without any changes except that the ones that fail are from parts that had

                      been altered ( as a SW part ) and then re named


                      I have got around the problem by re drawing each part from a fresh clean template  but I would like to know

                      the correct way around it as redrawing everything each time rather than altering the few changes and

                      resaving under a new name is a lot more work