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Question asked by Tim Rosendal Halvorsen on Jun 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2017 by Simon Beamish



I really like the tolerance based machining a lot, and think that CAMWorks did a great job on this one.

But I think it is crazy that end-users of SOLIDWORKS need to have MBD to Export to that format, and it is like a gigantic bug that we do not support opening step242 files in SOLIDWORKS at all. (we do open them, but no PMI will be imported)


This is not a SOLIDWORKS CAM issue, but it is a rather big thing missing in SOLIDWORKS.

So question here will be; Will SOLIDWORKS support (users without MBD) export AND import to Step 242 format, and will we be able to read in the PMI data when (some day) opening a step 242 file?