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Solver Abnormally Terminated (during meshing)

Question asked by Jake Montag on Jun 1, 2017

Hi All,


I am running a simulation on several different configurations of a ductwork system within a larger closed volume. One configuration in particular crashing during meshing with the error message: "SOLVER ABNORMALLY TERMINATED!". I know this has been brought up in the forum before but I havent seen any answers yet that have been able to help me out. My computer has more than enough RAM for this process, I have tried adjusting mesh settings and have even saved off a new local copy to my device to see if that helped but nothing changed. The other configurations have the same ductwork geometry but contain some different components within the larger closed volume.


One thing I do see is that occasionally when I save fresh local copies the meshing goes through but it uses an insanely high number of cells (roughly 1 million of both fluid and partial), typically the problem is running with 20,000 - 200,000 fluid cells depending on the configuration so this is definitely not correct.


Any help is much appreciated.