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Configurations not rebuilding, please help? SolidWorks unstable.

Question asked by Steven Mills on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2017 by Andreas Rhomberg

This has happened a few times. Especially on sheet metal parts with a lot of configurations. Basically an error happens in one configuration, and the drawing the part is on has it's drawing views blown up. This is because that error causes the other configurations of the parts to not flatten.


What is really frustrating is that after going through different configurations and forcing it to re-build a few times, it all snaps together again and works just fine for awhile. Until it once again does not and I have to repeat the 'fix' without really understading why it's getting fixed or broken in the first place. Only clue I can see is that while flipping through the configurations, I keep on seeing the rebuild mark on them being checked, then unchecked.


Is there some reliable way to force a re-build of all configurations? And yes, I know there is probably too many configurations on this part and the assembly it goes in.


Part -

Then the assembly it is in has 3 top level configurations with a derived configuration in each.