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Failed to start the PDM Archive Server Service

Question asked by Rafael Tangari on Dec 28, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2019 by Michael Woerther

I'm using the Solidworks Enterprise PDM 2009 (SP 0.0) on my computer, that is running with the Windows Vista x64 Ultimate (SP 1.0). I've installed the Solidworks Enterprise PDM on the last wednesday (24th of December). When I've finished the installation, the Archive Server has worked very well, without anykind of problem. Also, I could start to configure my PDM Vault, creating workflows, cards and variables. However, today, when I've turned on my computer, I realise that the Archive Server Service is not working. I've been trying to start the Archive Server Service, launching the Archive Server Configuration, but I'm receiving the following error message: "Failed to start the Conisio Archive Server Service! Please contact your system administrator". I've read the Solidworks PDM Installation Guide (PDF File) and I've already configured the TCP and UDP ports to work with the Archive Server (Port 3030).

Please, anyone knows what kind of error is it? If yes, can you help me to fix it?

Thank you very much.