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URGENT: Dimensions jump around when rotating model

Question asked by Richard K. on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2017 by Richard K.

I was working on a somewhat complex assembly and everything was fine, but after a recent save I started getting weird behavior.  Whenever I rotate my view of the model, the dimensions become "unstuck" and start flying off the screen - i.e. they aren't rotating along with the model.  I'm using SW2016 SP3.


I tried restarting Solidworks and it didn't help.  Earlier versions of the model don't have the problem.  Also moved the file to another workstation and seeing the same problem.  So it definitely seems to be something that got buggered up in my file.


I'm also seeing other weird behavior related to this.  e.g. Sometimes the model suddenly enlarges then shrinks again when I start rotating the view, and I'm having loads to trouble trying to select dimensions (sometimes they aren't visible I just can't).


Any thoughts on how to fix?  Please help!  I'd hate to lose all the work since my last save.


Before rotate:



During rotate: