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How to change the width of a solid?

Question asked by Adrien Philippon on May 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by Adrien Philippon

Hello !

My name is Adrien and I am a student in Biomedical Engineering.

I used Solidworks (2015) before for simple tasks and it went well, but I am now struggling a little bit with the design of a hip implant.


My problem: I would like to have a narrower section at the bottom of this design (see picture).

The section would start to decrease steadily from the blue arrow level until the end (red arrows), reducing the width by several mm.


This problem seems really simple... but I am really struggling with it.

I tried remaking the design in multiple ways (3D sketches, surface boundaries, smashing my head on the keyboard,...) but nothing succeded.


What would be the best way of doing so? 


Thank you!