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Possible to convert a knit & thickened rolled surface to sheet metal?

Question asked by Dave Krum on May 31, 2017
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Good morning All,
Trying something different to develop a sheet metal piece but not having too much luck.  I originally had a 1/2" thick piece from detailer that was developed in flat that had to be rolled to a certain diameter.  I accomplished this by use of sketched bend and got a close enough of degree bend to make it work.  Now the shop wants a 3/16" piece to be used as a template to locate the holes on a pipe.  Since it is thinner, the flat will be a little different along with the hole c/c dims.  So I took the original piece and selected the inside rolled surface and knit it as I believe you have to do first in order to later convert to sheet metal.  Then I thickened this surface by 3/16".  Now tried "convert to sheet metal" and "insert bends" but nothing seems to allow me to get the rolled piece into a sheet metal part.  Any comments on what I'm doing wrong would be appreciated!


original 1/2" rolled piece using sketch bend:

knitting of inside rolled surface:

thicknened 3/16" outward (hold inside radius of original part):

deleted original body:

trying to convert to sheet metal using "insert bends":