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    Sketch pattern to reference?

    Jordi Pérez

      Hi everybody,


      How would you do a sketch pattern in order to make it change regarding a boundary skecth entity instead of a distance?


      Thank you!

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          Bjorn Hulman

          Hi jordi,

          You have a file to help explain what you're after? Or maybe a few screen grabs?

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              Jordi Pérez

              Let's imagine we want to fill a distance between two walls with a regular pattern and both first and last row elements must be tangent to this walls.


              How should we make the sketch pattern in order to last element stills tangent to the wall if distance between walls is changed (from 1989 to 2017 in the example)? That pattern should be referenced by the walls (boundary/reference object) instead of a static distance value between elements as it uses to be.


              As far as I know I have to make it manually by measuring the total distance to fill and dividing it by the number of elements needed, but the distance between elements is fixed, so I have to change it manually if the distance to fill changes in order to fit it perfect again.


              PATTERN 1.jpg

              PATTERN 2.jpg

              PATTERN 3.jpg

              PATTERN 4.jpg

              Note the gap between the last circle (right) and the end wall, now it's 28 units further (2017-1989) so we should change the pattern spacing from 367,8 [(1989-75)/5] to 373,4 [367,8+(28/5)]... A bit noisy keeping in mind that linear pattern feature allows to directly select a reference object instead a distance between elements...