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Saving individual parts from multibody sheet metal part

Question asked by Jim Stieben on May 31, 2017
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Hello Guys & Gals,

Question for those that work with sheet metal a lot. I am new to sheet metal and primarily use SW in the design of much heavier steel structures. However, as I am working with a new company I have started to use Steel Metal tools and love what I am able to accomplish. That said I need some help with a part I have created.


This part I have created is a 24" tall sheet metal transition (Loft-Bend) from a 48" Square to a 60" ID round with a metal thickness of .188". Our current manufacturing equipment limits me to making this part in 4ea quarter sections which we will weld together after formed on the press brake. I have created the 4 sections with no issues. However, now that I have created this multi-body sheet metal part, how do I isolate each section and save them as their own individual part file? I am sure this is an easy answer to a lot of you but I am new to Sheet Metal.


I have attached this hopper body with each of the 4 corners for reference.


Thanks in advance!