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Second computer or laptop and new activation requirements

Question asked by Tim Arnold on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by Jamie Hill

The recent change to the licensing provisions has brought our workflow to a grinding halt.  I have a team of engineers that works on-site and on the road with clients and it is absurd that they have to deactivate their workstation each time they change devices.  It is also not viable because SolidWorks servers do not immediately recognize the deactivation and their is a delay in gaining access form the new device.


Possible solutions

1) Get rid of the ridiculous road block and return it to the previous status.  If you're having issue with abuse then turn to your in-house team for a solution and not to the user community!

2) Allow the non-activated license to kick off the other activated device; if there is no internet the non-activated device still needs to be able to operate for a period of time.  *Remote desktops are not always available and neither are internet services

3) Refer me to a new CAD program that does not prohibit my team from working.