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Hole series and Toolbox un-smart fasteners

Question asked by Scott Baugh on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by Scott Baugh

I have an assembly where I need to use a STD 5/16-18 THD x .75"  flange bolt. I don't know why SW has not expanded their toolbox fasteners yet to include basic hardware, but I digress. I added a fastener to the  toolbox under AI\Bolts and Screws\ I made a new folder called Custom Bolts and added my fastener using the Database. I have already changed the flag to "IsToolboxPart". I can see the part, I can add the part to my assembly, no Problem.


My question is why can I not use it when I create a hole series to add that custom flange bolt? I have a mate reference and everything, it doesn't see the path under "bolts and screws"?